Two sets of new camera teleprompter devices that facilitate and shorten your shooting times are among the first of our new products for 2017.

No TV studio can do without a teleprompter device. However, recently they have also been increasingly used for conferences primarily for recording greetings and presentations of keynote speakers, enabling them to give congress and conference guests the impression that the speaker is not reading but is speaking directly to them, just like when watching the evening news. Moreover, using a teleprompter system shortens shooting times, making it easier and cheaper to produce contributions.

How does the teleprompting device actually work? The principle is simple the reflecting glass, which is inclined at a 45° angle downwards in front of the camera lens, reflects the image of the monitor which is placed horizontally under the camera. The moderator reads the text, usually in white on a black background that scrolls upwards, while the moderator looks directly into the camera lens. To carry out the job we only need text in any text format that our technicians import into the dispatching software and control the movement of the text on the screen according to the reading speed of the moderator or speaker.  

We have recently added two sets of Teleprompter ProLine 24-INCH teleprompter devices for cameras to our product line. Thanks to the large twenty-four inch monitor, the moderator can comfortably read texts, even at greater distances thanks to a new type of 60/40 glass which creates higher contrast and brightness. The height and angle at which the text appears are adjustable. Additionally, the device software handles both text and Power Point presentations.

We supply the teleprompter devices as a complete set with a tripod, camera and laptop. Alternatively, we can lend you a teleprompter device with the software if you wish to use your own equipment, although we recommend using the complete set from us due to the specific installation and operation considerations. The manufacturer of the equipment is the American company Prompter People, one of the leading manufacturers of teleprompter devices, both for TV production and conference purposes.