Our studios are used almost daily during virtual events. One of them is the Cubex Centre Prague studio, which we are constantly trying to improve. That is why our clients are now awaiting several news and changes that the premises have undergone in recent days.

Let’s start with a green background, on which almost anything can be chroma keyed. The static background effectively complements the performance and does not interfere with the presenter’s speech. But there is also the option of a dynamic background that will change during the presentation and thus attract the viewers’ attention. The entire background is now also mirrored on the studio floor, making it look even more professional. The entire green screen area is enlarged, currently to twelve and a half meters. Up to six people can fit in front of it at the same time. 

The presentation area is a key element of the entire studio, so let’s talk about it for a while. Thanks to its enlargement, it is possible to have two images next to each other at the same time – a presentation or another element can be preserved, while at the same time there is the possibility of connecting other remote participants with the studio. The viewer can thus observe the presenter in the studio, with a live connection with a remote guest running behind him/her, and at the same time the presentation, which is not interrupted or pushed away in any way due to the size of the screen.

Last but not least, we always pay attention to safety. We adhere to a protocol that we have developed internally and apply in all our studios.

Check out our new video for a demonstration of the possibilities of use that our studios can boast:

If you are interested in more information on the studio, you can check our website.