The largest laser projection in the Czech Republic and all-embracing surround sound

The unique exhibition “Once Upon a Time… Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir” is based on the impressionist artistic movement and depicts the work of important authors: Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Paul Signac, Edgar Degas and Bohumil Kubišta. Immersive works of this type are currently being implemented in a number of cities around the world. However, in Prague you can see this completely new concept of entertainment and art for the first time. On more than 2,000 m2, you will experience an incredible story that will literally absorb you. Moreover, thanks to technical flexibility, this space can also be used for private events, concerts and other social events.

”Once Upon a Time… Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir” is the first of a series of events that I want to present at Forum Karlín. Other chapters of the story of Once Upon a Time… will be gradually created. In the first chapter, I decided to draw attention to the beauty of nature that surrounds us, as seen by several important painters of the impressionist and post-impressionist periods,’ says the producer of the exhibition, Serge Grimaux.

We are trying to look for new opportunities that brighten up these difficult times for all of us. We are therefore very happy that AV MEDIA EVENTS could be a part of this unique project, the exceptional atmosphere of which is completed by the largest laser video projection in the Czech Republic and all-encompassing 3D sound. 

The security of the exhibition is also taken good care of. All employees and visitors are monitored by thermal cameras and other devices for measuring body temperature while they are staying in the building, disinfection stations are available in all areas, and all visitors are encouraged and recommended to protect themselves and others by wearing a mask, etc.

The exhibition is currently scheduled until Christmas. We all believe that the upcoming period will not limit cultural and social events, and that you will be able to visit this amazing exhibition! We wish you a wonderful cultural experience!

’Thanks a lot for this very pleasant collaboration. I truly enjoy working with your colleagues. They are true professional and they all shine a great attitude. This leads me to believe we will have many projects together in the future.’ 
Serge Grimaux, producer of the exhibition