State-of-the-art cameras of the world-famous Blackmagic brand, highest-quality cabling and accessories or a professional editing room that allow to broadcast events in 4K resolution. Blackmagic, of course.

Exactly that camera chain became part of AV MEDIA EVENTS studios. The goal of its purchase was clear: to take the technical aspect of events one step further and turn your event into an event that the participants will not forget for a long time.

”We bought three new Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 cameras; this is currently the latest model of that manufacturer. We also bought all the cabling and accessories for the cameras, so we can easily reach a distance of 150 meters, thanks to the optical cable,” product manager David, who designed the chain and knows its every detail, revealed.

A part of the new camera chain is also the ATEM Television STUDIO editing room, which has several 12G SDI outputs enabling the handling of the entire camera chain in 4K resolution.

Better colours and image sharpness

That you have no idea what the new technology will bring to your event? There is so much of it. You can look forward to even better image colours, maximum sharpness or a reduction in the reflection of screen patterns (artefacts), which is made possible by a special anti-moiré filter.

”This improvement brings the greatest benefits to our LED studio, where the use of the anti-moiré filter is really noticeable and you can tell the difference immediately. But in general, the new chain will be a great addition also at sports matches, and at festivals, where individual pieces of equipment are often very far from each other and it is necessary to properly correct the colours and also ensure faultless communication on the cameraman-editor-director path,” David explained in more detail.

It is not just about cameras

Cameras are the alpha and omega of a better image and event experience. But without proper accessories, their success would be limited. That’s why David and his team were also very particular when choosing detailed improvements to the cameras. They picked seven-inch viewfinders, which are equipped with a red light that shows the speaker which camera to look at during the live broadcast.

”We have also purchased camera fittings, thanks to which the cameraman is able to respond very quickly to the demands of the director, or the production. The advantage of this set-up is that Blackmagic has gone the USB-C route. It thus transmits more complex protocols and all buttons are programmable. We have much freer hands and more options,” David concluded. 

If you are planning to organize an online, hybrid or even live event this year, we will be happy to help you.

Contact one of our consultants, and quite possibly your event will also use the latest camera chain, which ranks among the absolute best in terms of technical parameters.

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