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High resolution. No shielding.

Interactive LCDs are coming to the Czech classrooms. The main advantage over an interactive board or interactive projector is lower operating costs. You do not need to change the lamps or clean the filters on a regular basis.

SMART Board Displays

Interactive displays SMART Technologies follow up on intuitive interactive SMART boards which have sold over 17 thousand in the Czech Republic. Except for the GX series, all SMART Board displays are delivered with the SMART Learning Software package, which includes the SMART Notebook and Lumio by SMART.

In addition, the displays have built-in applications that allow you to work on the display without a computer connected.
The first of these is Whiteboard - a digital whiteboard with the ability to save notes on the display or a connected smartphone, share notes or return to them to continue working.
Other applications include a web browser (with digital ink writing capability) and wireless image sharing from the brought-in BYOD device. Other applications can be downloaded from the store. If you need to work with a PC, you can choose one of two options - a built-in PC module of the OPS standard or a portable computer.


  • The newest addition to the SMART interactive display family. It features multi-touch gestures and 2 markers. This basic series does not include the SMART Learning Software.


  • The MX Series SMART Board LCD delivers not only interactivity with up to 20 simultaneous touches, but also the Smart Touch feature automatically detecting either finger touch for control, markers for digital ink writing or palm touch for erasing.


  • The 6000S series SMART Board LCD delivers an additional Pen ID, which automatically distinguishes a black marker and a red marker – when two pupils need to work simultaneously, both of them can write at the same time, each having a different ink colour. In case of the 6000S series, additional markers in other colours can be bought.


  • The top model of the 7000R series SMART Board LCD allows the easiest possible control - four colour markers and an erasable sponge are available for writing along with the Smart Touch and Pen ID features included as a standard.

  • The 7000 series allows multiple pupils/students to work simultaneously thanks to 26 simultaneous touches.

PROWISE Displays

The Prowise interactive displays are exceptional thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories.

The display can be complemented with a PC module directly built into the display, one of the many stands or white wings for writing with a marker.

Prowise 3in1

  • The Prowise 3in1 solution includes a few devices in one – a high quality display, interactive display, and multi-touch table. The display size is 55” (140 cm). A computer with pre-installed Touch table tools (activities for the youngest) is installed directly inside the display. However, you can also install any other software you are using. The whole assembly is mounted on a mobile stand that allows moving the display easily, but mainly it serves for electrical adjustment of the height and tilt of the display. Thanks to its lower bottom position, the assembly is more suitable for children from kindergartens and primary schools.

PROWISE Touchscreen

  • PROWISE Touchscreen is a multi-touch interactive display, which is unique thanks to the built-in computer that switches on and off simultaneously with the display. Therefore there is no need to connect it to a desktop or a laptop using cables. It is a big touch-controlled tablet that can run any PC software.
Display Features

Multi-touch – allows simultaneous writing or control by multiple users at the same time and the use of multi-touch gestures to rotate and zoom objects.

Smart Touch – automatically distinguishes a finger touch for control, a mark touch for writing and a palm or sponge touch for digital ink erasing. It works for multiple users at the same time - one of them is writing, the other is controlling - automatically without switching the functions.

SMART iQ – directly in the display are installed applications that allow you to work even without a connected computer - an application for writing with digital ink on a whiteboard allowing you to share notes with other participants via the Internet and save them, as well as a web browser and an application for wireless image sharing.

Prowise Central – directly in the display are installed applications that allow you to work even without a connected computer - an application for writing with digital ink on a whiteboard allowing you to e-mail your notes, and an application for wireless image sharing.



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