Robotics kits support the teaching of engineering in schools.

Polytechnics develops students' fine motor skills, creativity in finding alternative solutions, their creative abilities, imagination and fantasy. What is more, students working in groups improve their social and communication skills, they learn to share their ideas and to retrospectively evaluate their activities and practices.

The kits can be used across almost all learning areas and subjects:
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Work activities
  • Designing and programming
  • Mathematics and logic
  • Creativity and communication skills
  • Measurements, records and analysis of physical quantities
  • Language and language communications 


VEX® 123  -  (kindergartens and primary schools)
  • A simple robot with many control options. For the little ones there are buttons directly on the robot body (forward, left, right, sound), whilst older students can program using the so-called encoder - programming tables into which they insert the appropriate commands for the robot.
  • Children thus learn algorithmization and simple commands. The next level is the VEXCode tablet or PC app, which is based on Scratch and can also be found in the GO, IQ and V5 robotic kits.

The VEX 123 basic kit includes the VEX 123 robot, encoder, command cards, ring, USB-C cable. It is possible to choose the robot colour - red / blue / green.

VEX 123 classroom kit includes 6 VEX 123 basic kits (twice red, twice blue, twice green) + plus a charging box with a charger, a play area with 4 tiles and mats as well as a storage and carrying bag.


VEX® GO  -  (primary school)
  • Simplified VEX IQ kit with softer plastic parts for easy robot assembly by smaller children.
  • The portable organizer and colour-coded components make building robots much easier.
    Children can always start with purely mechanical robots to understand the physical principles and add motors and controls in the second step.
  • In the third step, they then connect the robot to the VEXCode app (based on Scratch) and program the robot for autonomous movement and behaviour.

VEX GO basic kit includes two boxes with construction parts, robot brain and battery, 3 motors, 2 sensors, electromagnet, and 1 tile of the game field.

VEX GO classroom kit includes 5 VEX GO kits + extra box with extra parts, game field tiles, charger, box bag and game field bag.

VEX® IQ - older school age (lower-secondary schools and secondary schools)
  • VEX® IQ is a set with plastic parts that brings a new perspective to robotics education.
  • A full-featured robotics kit with plastic parts. The robot can be assembled according to one of the many instruction books or according to the child´s own imagination.
  • The robot can be controlled with a hand controller or with the VEX code app - programming with Scratch based blocks and text (Python based).

VEX® V5 - older school age (lower-secondary schools and secondary schools) and universities
  • VEX® V5 is a construction kit with metal parts that combines mechatronics and programming to allow pupils and students to obtain fundamental skills in engineering, construction and design.
  • The kit allows you to design advanced mechanisms with mechanical components and attached sensors.
  • The enclosed instruction book helps pupils/students to build their first Cabot IQ robot easily.
  • A modular and project-oriented curriculum is included. It teaches the design process in a practical and interesting way which helps the teachers to motivate and inspire their students. 

SAM LABS - YOUNGER SCHOOL AGE (primary school)
  • SAM Labs are the block sets for STEAM teaching, primarily focusing on A, i.e. ART. Individual blocks (motors, sensors, actuators) complement any object, being it a paper car, a house or a model of a barrier.
  •  The blocks are connected wirelessly to a computer with the control application SAM Space (connecting the blocks with virtual wires) or SAM Blackly.

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