Types of displays

  • The most common display technology involves professional displays/large format LCD displays (LFD). Thanks to their technical parameters, high resolution, wide range of sizes and types, these have their place in all office spaces, in schools, hotels, shopping centres and transport buildings. They are widely used in video conferences to display the presented content. 
  • Another type of display technology is LED technology. It is used wherever the goal is to create display areas larger than those offered by LCD technology. Thanks to its high brightness, it is suitable for installation with more ambient lighting, for example in larger, well-lit meeting rooms. Thanks to their modularity, LEDs enable the creation of large display areas, and thereby they differ from conventional sizes in the 16:9 aspect ratio. Of course, remote management and control of LED settings, automatic brightness adjustment function or long service life (up to 100 thousand hours) are available. 
  • In addition to large-format displays, projectors are still used in meeting rooms, auditoriums and lecture halls. They must be designed properly. The parameters of the projector, the properties of the projection screen and the amount of light in the room come into play. In all cases, it is possible to influence the parameters – higher performance of the projector, special projection surface, controlled lighting in the room, or darkening of the windows. However, a projector that is too powerful or a room that is too dark is not good for human vision because it causes fatigue and reduces concentration.

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