the top model of the series uses Smart Touch – automatic recognition of finger touch for control, marker touch for writing and touch of the fist (or palm, sponge) for erasing digital ink. In addition, it also includes Pen ID technology, i.e. automatic recognition of black and red markers – when two students are working at the same time, they can both write at the same time, each in a different colour, and 4 additional markers (green, blue, orange, purple) can be purchased. The display is also equipped with a built-in microphone that can be used for hybrid learning and online communication applications. 
    It includes the IQ Experience module that enables work without a connected computer. Directly in the display is a pre-installed application for working with files

    also offers Smart Touch, IQ Experience including work with SMART Notebook files and connection to Lumio by SMART and all this at a more favourable price than 6000S. 

    is a simple touchscreen with multi-touch and 2 markers. It does not contain the SMART IQ Experience module, but you can still find

  • SMART Notebook
    or direct connection to Lumio by SMART, in the display you can also find a web browser, an application for wireless image sharing and the option to install other applications. 

    for tight budgets, Prowise Touchscreen TEN interactive displays can be interesting; they can be supplemented with a PC module directly built into the display, one of the many stands or white chalk for writing with a marker. 

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