Why training from us

There are a large number of courses on the market, teachers feel overtrained and it is not easy for principals to choose the right FETS initiative for their school. When creating the training, we place emphasis primarily on the experience and expertise of the authors and lecturers and the practical use of the knowledge gained in everyday teaching.

  • Wide range of training
    We cover all key areas such as literacy, numeracy, foreign languages, inclusion, ICT or polytechnic education. We also do not forget about training supporting the development of pre-literacy skills in kindergartens. Both beginners and advanced users can choose from a wide selection of topics.
  • Training accreditation
    Trainings are of course accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. After completion, the training participant will receive a valid certificate meeting the specified conditions of EU calls.
  • Expertise
    Each training has its professional teaching part, part with tools and technology, and methodology part. A special team of authors, consisting of an expert on the given topic cooperating with a lecturer – a teacher from practice – always participate in the creation of the training. An expert sponsor is a guarantee of content and didactic quality.
  • Usability in practice
    The training is conducted by teachers – lecturers who themselves have daily classroom experience. With their help, you can achieve a natural integration of digital learning materials into your teaching. You can immediately transfer everything you learn at the training to your lessons and try it out with your students. 
  • Effective use of ICT
    Our trainings support the meaningful use of the school’s existing and newly acquired ICT equipment. We do not provide training in technology control and individual software features; we guide teachers to use technology to support new forms of teaching and greater student involvement.
  • Long-term experience
    Together with you, we have been changing teaching in Czech schools for over 25 years, we have been directly involved in teacher development for over 20 years, and during that time more than 60,000 teachers have taken part in our courses. 
  • Materials and other resources
    To accompany the training, you will receive learning materials that offer teachers a wealth of resources and useful links for teaching. Thus, the teacher can use these materials even after the end of the training and constantly return to them. 
  • Tasting and inspirational webinars
    Don’t buy a pig in a poke! We offer you a tasting of our training via online webinars, which are completely free and conducted by expert training educators. All you have to do is log into www.veskole.cz (section Education – webinars). 
  • Individualization
    We try to adapt each training as much as possible to the match the requirements of the school. 
  • Economic optimization
    The price of the training is set in a way to leave funds for your equipment, the purchase of aids and other school supplies.
  • Project consultancy
    We also offer help in administration and project management and methodical support in the introduction of logic and robotics clubs.

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