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Talk face to face to your partners anywhere in the world. Thanks to our remote communication technologies, you can share image, sound, data, presentations and multimedia disregarding the distance.

Remote communication

Videoconferences save your travel time and costs, as well as the natural environment. Have a visual contact with your business partners or congress participants without having to travel to visit them!


Teleconference systems transmit voice between the participants of a conference, where a common telephone is not enough, but transmission of video or other type of image would not be useful. Teleconferences are extremely easy to use and install and their costs are low.


You need to talk to participants of a congress that you are unable to attend because of your lack of time? Your message can be delivered by means of a videoconference. A videoconference will also provide for a speech of a foreign expert at your event. Videoconference equipment is installed both in the congress hall and on the part of your “contributor”, and all the participants become connected by sound and image. They can communicate with each other, see each other and have an opportunity not only to discuss, but also to share PowerPoint presentations, pictures and other documents or applications.

A videoconference can also transmit a surgical operation from cameras present directly in the operating room. Communication is provided through Euro ISDN or based on IP protocols through LAN and WAN. This system enables, unlike the commonly available communication applications, a high definition image transmission (up to FullHD).  Moreover, the transmitted data are secured by encryption.


Today’s videoconferences do not need to be restricted to communication between two points. Multiple groups can be connected. With a multipoint connection, all the participating groups are displayed on the screen of the other groups, and the currently speaking person is automatically preferred as the speaker. With this kind of system, you never lose sight of any participant in your videoconference. Multipoint streamlines decision making processes and provides for project consulting and coordination across teams.


The WEBCAST service provides multimedia internet sessions. This can be used either for live broadcasting (live webcast) from most varied events, or for a subsequent playback, which can be expanded for synchronization with PowerPoint presentations.

WEBCAST makes conferences, lectures or any other events accessible to an unrestricted audience on the internet or intranet. However, the audience can also be restricted to authorized users. With this kind of video broadcasting, you can make use of interactivity on the web and offer your audience related information or advertising on other pages. Detailed visitor statistics will enable you to evaluate the level of interest of your users.

Online transmissions and presentations can be easily archived and expanded for subtitles or comments in various language versions. The user is not limited by quality of internet connection. Even a GPRS connection (e.g. in certain mobile phones) is sufficient for watching.

Thanks to our technologies, any type of conference can be recorded (sound, image and PPT presentations) even without an internet connection. You can take the record in the form of a web site immediately with you after the event on a CD, DVD or a portable USB memory stick.


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