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Go with the time and do not be afraid of using interactive presentation tools. Make your guests entertained by interactive games or modern presentation tools offered by AV MEDIA.


Nowadays, nearly every participant at an event carries a mobile device. Thanks to mobile applications, you can easily ensure that up-to-date information is always at hand, non-intrusively engaging them in the course of the event while simultaneously promoting your sponsors and partners.

However, mobile applications also include information on the agenda, the speaker, the halls or the transportation, and allow participants to be engaged in modules ranging from voting or questioning the speaker to providing feedback. In addition, it allows the system to prepare individual and interactive content modules for such events.

  • Agenda: The event timetable, individual lectures including their abstract, interacting with the speaker, categorizing the lectures….. 
  • Speakers: An overview of the speakers/appearances at given conferences, including a short introduction of them. 
  • Orientation: Halls, rooms, floors, the location where individual lectures are held. 
  • Further information: General text and information items for events (location floor plan, accommodation, transportation, …), presentations by sponsors and partners of the event. 
  • Voting: An unlimited number of sets of questions, where each set contains three individual questions and answers to them. The results of the vote are broadcasted live on the main screen. 
  • Questions for the speaker: Participants can send questions to the speaker during individual lectures, which can be viewed live on their tablets, sort them and handle and project the questions themselves. 
  • Feedback: A set of evaluation questions are prepared for each lecture or at conferences/events in general, which can be filled out by participants within the application. The results are seen live, itemized or statistically, within the administrative application. 
  • Additional modules are tailored to specific events


A number of congresses, symposiums and workshops already started to use interactive participation of audience in the course of the event. By means of polling, for instance the knowledge of workshop participants can be verified. On the other hand, presenters also use polling in order to animate the audience, especially after the lunch break. In that way, the audience restore their responsiveness. Polling also serves for the purpose of approval of the final resolution wording at an international conference, marketing surveys, knowledge tests, contests, etc.

Specialized polling software allows for multiple selection, testing of correct answers, adjustable weighting of votes, and many other features. The results of polling can be immediately displayed. As the respondents have an opportunity to post anonymous replies, they overcome their uneasiness and fear from wrong answers. On the other hand, identification of voters can be provided if required.

SMART Podium interactive touch panel

The SMART Podium LCD monitor panel with touch control combines presentation and control functions. The product containing a proprietary software provides control of presentation as well as manual insertion of comments into them. Such comments can be subsequently saved and distributed to conference participants via e-mail. SMART Podium turns a traditional presentation into a dynamic one.


The LaserShot electronic firearm simulator provides for a safe and entertaining shooting experience. LaserShot is operated on a large projection surface, on which the players shoot, using their firearms, a laser beam detected by a camera. A game suite includes several exciting games for 1 to 4 players. Most popular types of simulation and games include a hunter’s training, a duck hunt, target practicing or clay pigeon shooting.


Interactive floor projection addresses the passers-by in a playful, informal manner and attracts their attention. This type of projection changes its contents as people move. Projected contents are modifiable as required by the client. Favourite effects include walking on water or walking on breaking ice, which can be accompanied by the sound of cracking masses, the effect of flowering meadow, as well as entertaining flash games such as football, air hockey or basketball.

Interactive products are ideal solutions for exhibitions and trade fairs, conferences, hotels, museums, clubs, shopping centres and retail shops, as well as for office entrance areas. They can be used anywhere where people move and the purpose is to entertain, inform, teach or orient them, or even just make them surprised or astonished.


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