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Lights and light effects

Lights and light effects play an important role in the overall impression from an event. A sophisticated structure of light effects can create the right atmosphere for your unique event.

AV MEDIA offers comprehensive lighting services for both indoor and outdoor events. We possess powerful architectural lights based on LED technologies complying with all the requirements on outdoor operation. We provide intelligent and effect luminaires, colour floodlights, dimmers, fog generators, truss structures intended for installation of lighting, and many other technologies.

Light effects can create or underline any kind of atmosphere, expose or emphasize the speaker and the stage, or invigorate your overall event. Lights are also appropriate for projection of logotypes or auxiliary stage illumination for cameras. We offer lighting all the way from a small conference or ballet performance to live broadcasted sports events, TV shows or a comprehensive lighting for a crowd concert, for instance in the O2 Arena or even at the Letná park.

Similarly to sound systems, we use top equipment from world’s leading vendors such as MA Lighting, ROBE, MILOS, ARRI, PROLYTE, ADAM HALL, E.T.C., ROBERT JULIAT, TOMCAT, WIELAND ant others.


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