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Besides modern imaging, adequate sound is an inseparable part of any presentation. Our powerful technologies provide a professional sound for any event!

Quality sound

Sound for large events
  • A wide range of sound equipment is available differing in power, size, mounting options and other parameters. Our audio systems are ready to provide sound for an election meeting, but also for a live concert, even at the Letná park or a similar large space. We can also provide for playback, half-playback or their combination with live production. We offer solutions tailored to individual needs of any customer. We use equipment from leading vendors to arrange sound for challenging spaces such as congress halls, cinemas or outdoor areas. Our suppliers include Meyer Sound, L-Acoustics, JBL, Soundcraft, Sennheiser, AKG and others.
Basic sound
  • Even smaller events should be equipped with at least a basic sound system. If you support your presentation by video or interesting sound effects intended to capture the attention, your audience should hear well and comfortably. AV MEDIA lays emphasis on comprehensibility of speech.
Sound for a trade fair stand
  • A trade fair stand equipped with sound production can attract more visitors passing along than a traditional silent one. If you want to show your exposition to the biggest number of people, do not hesitate to use loudspeakers. Some visualizers intended for exhibitions and fairs have loudspeakers already integrated. With other equipment, sound must be provided using additional speakers, which can be properly integrated into the stand area to emphasise its overall look.


In larger auditoriums, microphones are required to amplify spoken word. Nowadays presenters can choose from a wide range of microphones, while each type is appropriate for certain purpose and location. Wired microphones are used when the speaker is bound to a single place of speech (chairman’s desk, lectern, delegate's desk with a shared conference microphone, etc.). Wireless microphones provide not only for mobility of the speaker. A mobile microphone can also be used by the audience, for instance to pose questions or respond to them. Clip on wireless microphones and headsets free up your hands for presenting or any other activity.

Using several types of microphones is advisable for larger events, as they can be combined according to the particular activity on the stage and in the auditorium. With a complete wireless microphone suite, the user can choose any of the 3 types (handheld, clip on, headset).


When planning a conference, dinner party or stage event, you should decide on the media on which the sound tracks and contributions are to be delivered. Subsequently, this determines the playback device – the source of signal. If you wish to have your conference recorded and maintained for future reference, it is advisable to employ a device subsequently allowing for an easy and comfortable editing.

INTERCOM – communication equipment

INTERCOM provides for communication between remote workplaces during productions, conferences, shows and other events. It should be used anytime when a dependable high quality communication is required. If your event requires a live communication between the direction and the backstage, cameramen and the rest of your staff, use INTERCOM.

The communication unit is usually attached to the waist belt and connected to a headset. The operators with headsets receive instruction from the director and communicate their feedback to the headset microphone. With a multichannel system, the camera communication lines can be separated from other workplaces so that the instructions for cameramen do not disturb the others and vice versa. Both wired and wireless communication systems are available.


Professional level interpreting is required for multilingual and international conferences. Interpreters usually sit in a booth at the rear of the room. To follow the presentation, they should be able to see the speaker. That is why preview monitors should be available in the booths. The interpreted languages are distributed from the booths directly to listeners’ units. Using these units, the listener can choose the preferred language and listen to it from earphones, thus not disturbing the neighbours.

When a conference includes a large number of languages, or if all the listeners need a microphone in order to take part in the discussion, an audioconference system is the best solution. The interpreted information can be distributed via infrared or another wireless technology to prevent its monitoring outside the defined meeting area. In this way, up to 32 language channels can be distributed without any restrictions caused by sunlight or inappropriate lighting. We provide Bosh and Televic conference systems.


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