Simulation Centre at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of the University of South Bohemia

Future doctors, nurses, paramedics or midwives can now try out how childbirth or patient resuscitation takes place thanks to the new simulation centre of the South Bohemian University in České Budějovice.

It is basically a miniature of a real hospital, including functional equipment. The delivery included very authentic dummies, which are controlled from the control centre of the “hospital”, which can not only talk, but also, for example, faithfully simulate all possible medical problems.  

There are two standard rooms, a nurses’ station, an intensive care unit, a fully equipped delivery room and also a room with a rescue vehicle for training paramedics. 

All the action in all the rooms is captured by cameras and the students and instructors can then discuss the action second by second in a briefing room designed specifically for this purpose.  

AV MEDIA has completely equipped the centre with audiovisual equipment. The construction of the centre has been underway since 2015 and was completed in 2020.

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