Videoconferences at MU in Brno

The university campus in Brno-Bohunice makes use of video projection to access transmission from operating rooms of the neighbouring university hospital.

In health care, technologies are even more important than elsewhere. That is why audiovisual technologies are indispensable for the modern campus in Bohunice. By means of video projection, students can access normally inaccessible places such as operating rooms.

An overall approach to solutions in all the teaching areas within the campus underlines unified and easy handling of all the equipment. Thanks to such unification, teachers do not need to worry about the particular room in which their lecture is held. The teacher can always use projection, an interactive SMART Podium panel to control the presentation and enter notes, as well as a document camera – visualizer.

A strong emphasis is laid on a unified user interface and operation. Such unification is the key factor for making teachers feel comfortably in the new areas and use the modern equipment as appropriate. In particular, they are able to easily control all the AV equipment in a multimedia classroom by means of an intuitive control system interface. In that way, they can fully concentrate on teaching rather than technologies.

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