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Gradual revitalization of cultural centre in Tanvald

The gradual revitalization reaches back to 2009, when digitalization of the single-room JAS cinema took place according to the DCI standard.


Theatre 3000 project

As part of the Theatre 3000 project, the New Scene of the National Theatre saw the play StrawMan and a visual allegory adapted from Havel’s book Anticodes.

Kulturní domy  a divadla jako multifuknční prostor, světla, zvuk, divadelní technika, plesy, koncerty

Cultural centre as a multifunction facility

A cultural centre is no more restricted to balls and dance parties. We should rather imagine it as a multifunction facility offering a broad scope of activities.

  • The equipment of conference areas should be up to the today’s requirements. Already when designing them, the variety of possible types of utilization should be considered. Not only conferences and congresses, but also social events such as balls, concerts or theatre shows. We design audiovisual technologies so as to meet all these requirements on variability. Facilities equipped in that way enhance the opportunities for congress tourism and the interest in it.
  • Areas intended for vernissages and exhibitions should, above all, radiate with a unique atmosphere, which can be achieved in particular by an appropriate lighting of the exhibited items. The play of light is an essential part of exhibition areas that should never be omitted. 
  • If your cultural centre includes a cinema area, which is not enough attended, you ask why? The reason may be that you offer films that have been already shown in multiplexes. You are unable to show 3D films? You cannot access alternative contents? The solution is in digitalization. With a digital cinema, you have access to premiere movies when being introduced, can show 3D films and, last but not least, can access alternative contents enabling you to show live broadcasts of operas or live sports events. 


We always try to find the best solution meeting the needs of every individual customer. We offer partnerships aimed at ongoing development.

We provide comprehensive designing for audiovisual and presentation systems. A sound project documentation is a prerequisite for any successful solution.

Our team of top professionals provides for installation of the equipment. Our clients highly value their friendly attitude, technical knowledge, flexile approach and adherence to schedule.

You need essential skills or want to further develop or be inspired in using ICT tools? Then make your choice from a wide range of courses or accredited schemes managed by AV MEDIA’s lecturers.

If, for any reason, equipment delivered from us does not perform correctly, we will do our best to help you as fast as possible. We are here for you 7 days a week.

We offer rental and operation of our leading edge audiovisual/IT equipment for a broad range of events, from business training sessions, social events and trade fair expositions to entertaining shows.


Interactive SMART board brings new opportunities to teaching. It is integrated with a computer and touch-sensitive. Touch control of applications and entering text with digital ink make it easy.

Interactive LCDs are coming to the Czech classrooms. The main advantage over an interactive board or interactive projector is lower operating costs.

Interactive SMART Board displays are an interesting alternative to interactive boards. They are suitable for smaller areas, while SMART Podium displays are more appropriate for larger rooms.

A data projector is a device visualizing a signal from computer or another source on a projection screen. Data projector should be applied when a larger image is required than the diagonal of LCDs.

Data projector is a device visualizing a signal from computer or another source on a projection screen. It should be used when a larger image is required than the diagonal of LCD monitors.

Projectors for cinemas based on the DCI standard are specialized projection systems intended for projection of premiere Hollywood and Czech 2D and 3D movies.

Document cameras read any 3D object or text and then use a projector or display to visualize it for a group of people.

Virtual Reality for Schools ClassVR is a breakthrough teaching system designed specifically for school learning that uses both virtual and augmented reality.

Videoconference is a sound and image communication between two or more parties with possible sharing of presented data. It is generally used by companies and universities.

Control systems provide for an easy and intuitive control of installed AV equipment and other technologies within a room or building.

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