Language teaching at universities

Interactive teaching of languages in a Robotel SmartClass+ language lab is successful at the Palacký University in Olomouc.


Interactive board at UPCE

The University of Pardubice replaced their common boards in seminar rooms of their eldest heritage listed building. Purchased were also interactive SMART boards.


Learning Centre at CU

In order to enhance the illustrative power and efficiency of lectures and seminars, interactive LCD panels and interactive SMART boards have been provided.

Interaktivita a zapojení posluchačů skrze dotyková zařízení, hlasovací systémy a digitální techonologie

Interactivity enhances attention

A variety of interactive technologies support working with the attention. Students being actively involved have a far better concentration and the explained topics are more interesting to them. This is the reason why visual tools and visual equipment are broadly favoured at universities.

  • A multimedia classroom equipped with audiovisual technologies makes students involved by means of various interactive techniques. This contributes to an increased plasticity and a more profound memorizing of information.
  • Audiovisual technologies such as projectors, projection screens and many other tools provide for an easy visualization of facts. Students can become involved in the lesson, and their initiative and motivation grow.
  • Interactive lectures enable teachers obtain an immediate feedback from their students. In that way, they are able to verify whether the lecture brings the expected results. Moreover, sharing of information further develops the group dynamism within the group.


We always try to find the best solution meeting the needs of every individual customer. We offer partnerships aimed at ongoing development.

We provide comprehensive designing for audiovisual and presentation systems. A sound project documentation is a prerequisite for any successful solution.

Our team of top professionals provides for installation of the equipment. Our clients highly value their friendly attitude, technical knowledge, flexile approach and adherence to schedule.

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We offer rental and operation of our leading edge audiovisual/IT equipment for a broad range of events, from business training sessions, social events and trade fair expositions to entertaining shows.


Interactive SMART board brings new opportunities to teaching. It is integrated with a computer and touch-sensitive. Touch control of applications and entering text with digital ink make it easy.

Interactive LCDs are coming to the Czech classrooms. The main advantage over an interactive board or interactive projector is lower operating costs.

Unlike interactive whiteboards, the entire technology is hidden in the display so you can project onto any whiteboard.

Interactive SMART Board displays are an interesting alternative to interactive boards. They are suitable for smaller areas, while SMART Podium displays are more appropriate for larger rooms.

A data projector is a device visualizing a signal from computer or another source on a projection screen. Data projector should be applied when a larger image is required than the diagonal of LCDs.

Data projector is a device visualizing a signal from computer or another source on a projection screen. It should be used when a larger image is required than the diagonal of LCD monitors.

Document cameras read any 3D object or text and then use a projector or display to visualize it for a group of people.

Virtual Reality for Schools ClassVR is a breakthrough teaching system designed specifically for school learning that uses both virtual and augmented reality.

Software applications in a school environment are focused on the involvement of students based on interactive boards or student devices within a class or in a cloud environment.

SMART software applications are inseparable from interactive boards and displays. They enable users create, store and distribute an unlimited amount of ideas and information.

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