PASCO at Josef Ressel Grammar School

The Josef Ressel Grammar School in Chrudim possesses a fully equipped physics lab. Experiments with PASCO systems are performed by both teachers and students.

Practical teaching tools gain popularity.

Schools try to use all within their power to make students not only memorize information, but also use practical tools facilitating their learning and associating the data with the real world.
The management of the Josef Ressel Grammar School attempts to use interactive tools in classes of all subjects. Digital technologies are highly significant for instance in physics. Students will be no more excited by a weight attached to a string or an electrical circuit. They consider this too common and repeated many times at their elementary school. Our time requires change. That is why PASCO systems have been introduced with wide opportunities.
The PASCO system is the best measuring aid highly valued by teachers of physics. It provides for measurement of actual values and their evaluation after their input to a computer. Thanks to the Support of Natural Sciences and Technical Education project, the Josef Ressel Grammar School was able to obtain five sets of this system, now used by the teachers of physics in their classes.

The following systems are available:

  1. Demonstration measurements set
  2. Optics and waves set
  3. Electricity and magnetism set
  4. Thermodynamics set
  5. Mechanics set

Classes of physics have become exciting even for students not much interested in physics before. Thanks to the PASCO system, classes are more accepted and less technically talented students understand without problems, moreover, enjoy them. This can result in improved grades. Students can try themselves how experiments work and the school recorded an increased interest in physics workshops. All physics teachers are interested in continuous learning making them familiar with various options of using the PASCO systems.

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