Gradual revitalization of cultural centre in Tanvald

The gradual revitalization reaches back to 2009, when digitalization of the single-room JAS cinema took place according to the DCI standard.

The digitalization not only brought an opportunity to show Hollywood premieres immediately after their arrival, but also 3D movies. The cinema is equipped with a quality Dolby sound system mediating a real experience from the movie. During the last year, 217 movie shows took place, watched by 7813 spectators. 
A subsequent revitalization included the enhancement of the hall for new lighting and audio equipment. The new lighting technologies enable various lighting scenarios for the purpose of theatre, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events organized within the premises.

Cultural events in JAS cinema

Following the revitalization, the JAS cinema offers versatile opportunities. The cinema accommodated concerts during the 57th Tanvald Music Spring 2013, or the opening of the “Enigmatic World of Dwarves” exhibition by the Ulita Youth Centre in Tanvald. In March, the cinema saw the theatre show “Conjugal Happiness” with Iva Hüttnerová, Michaela Dolinová and David Suchařípa, in September the comedy “Blunder Is True”.
In 2013, the municipal cinema hosted the Jára Cimrman Theatre twice. In June, the play “Blaník” took place, while “Capture of North Pole” in November. During the last year, the cinema, once again, accommodated a number of school and children's events, educational concerts and concerts by the local primary art school. 
During the year, the cinema was also used by several amateur theatre groups, among them J. K. Tyl from Josefův Důl, Vojan from Desná or L.S.D. from Lučany nad Nisou.
The total capacity is 306 seats. At present, the cinema offers multipurpose opportunities for organising theatre shows, concerts, exhibitions, or conferences.

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