Svět (World) Movie Theatre in Hodonín

Newly reconstructed movie theatre brings Dolby Atmos to the audience

The reconstructed cinema Svět in Hodonín can now offer film screenings in two halls. The large hall with a capacity of 193 spectators and 8 wheelchair users additionally brings the audience a unique film experience thanks to the DOLBY Atmos sound system. What is more, the hall is equipped with a Barco SP4K-25C RGB laser projector with the Dolby IMS-3000 media block. The small hall with a capacity of 37 spectators is equipped with a NEC NC-1000 projector, NEC IMS-2000 cinema server and the Dolby CP950 audio processor. Even the disabled visitors were not forgotten in the course of the cinema reconstruction.   For the first time ever in the Czech Republic, a Dolby Fidelio system was installed here, which helps to amplify the sound of dialogues for the audience with reduced hearing levels, and the second system from Sennheiser is also available in the cinema for the deaf.

The cinema has also installed a new type of curtain and masking system for the projection screens, which is easy and intuitive to operate manually and compatible with all systems for the automatic performance control.

SVĚT (WORLD) Cinema in Hodonín

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