Mír Cinema in Krnov

Visitors can now enjoy the surround sound of DOLBY ATMOS while watching the film

The Mír Cinema in Krnov has undergone a renovation of the hall, which included, among other things, acoustic modifications and reconstruction of the projection booth and wiring. The cinema-goers are now presented with a completely new sound design that could be compared to watching a 3D film. The viewer is thus drawn into the action, not only by the image but also by the sound, which enhances the perfect cinematic experience. To enhance the movie experience, modern cinemas are switching to 3D sound, where the speakers are placed in larger numbers and even on the ceiling, creating an "object-based" effect, i.e. every thing in the movie is an object and creates beautiful spatial effects. “The first Dolby ATMOS installation in Krnov is the first one that uses the newly installed Dolby IMS3000 media block directly into the existing NEC NC3200S projector as the sound processor. To preserve the sound from the Meopta UM 35/70 projectors for the Krr festival, DCI, Atmos, 35mm, 70mm, 16mm Sound Distribution Management from QSC is installed, with QSC Core (digital sound matrix) controlling all sound outputs, digital and analogue, centrally and with on-line setup.' (Source: http://www.digitalnikino.cz/node/1063)

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