Uncommon experience from digital cinema

Digital cinemas offer 3D projection providing an experience closer to reality, more natural to human perception. Spectators become part of it and intensely involved.

Within no more than two month, an extensive refurbishment and digitalization of the Radotín cinema took place. The result is a new environment inviting spectators to see the most recent world premiers. AV MEDIA as the cinema’s integrator equipped it with the most recent technologies – a Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system, a Christie CP2220 projector, a Doremi ShowVault cinema server with an IMB projector block and a 3D Dolby system.

When digitalized, the cinema will show more films

Thanks to an investment at 6 million crowns, the cinema will offer 2 to 3 titles 5 days a week. In September alone, 23 3D projections were shown. From October, Sunday “delicacies” will be offered – starting with the world premiere of the first ever 3D ballet – Giselle. The project covered predominantly from the budget of the Prague 16 city district included, as the first step, a digitalization of the cinema including a new Dolby Digital Surround sound system, an installation of acoustic panels, electrical installation, refurbishment of air conditioning and associated construction works. This was followed by the purchase of a projector, a new screen and an extension for 3D projection. All was successfully finished before the initially scheduled deadline before the end of summer holidays, so that on Tuesday 6 September, the first visitors could already enjoy the top quality presentation (The Lion King and Men in Hope). Thanks to the extensive renovation, premiere titles will now be offered in Radotín, however, traditional cycles will also remain on the programme, as well as shows intended for parents with children and the Film Club. Every month, a Sunday will offer a “delicacy” intended for fans of top operas or ballet.

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