ITB trade fair in Berlin

The biggest and most visited European tourism trade fair took place at the beginning of March in Berlin.

The most successful European trade fair

ITB is the biggest and most successful tourism trade fair in Europe. At the beginning of this March, it was visited by over 170 thousand visitors. Every year, several thousands of exhibitors come here to present most varied destinations and portfolios of travel agencies and hotels.

AV MEDIA technically provided for 3 expositions:
  1. For the Holiday Service Austria, we set up an exposition involving 3 LED walls totalling to 60 m2 with a resolution of 4 mm. All the technology was embedded in the walls.
  2. The Abu Dhabi exposition was illuminated in colours based on intelligent luminaires (Wash, Spot, Goba). Such lighting show strongly underlined the atmosphere.
  3. For the Slovak Tourism Board, a LED band was installed, also with a resolution of 4 mm.

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