Russian Railways interactive stand

Nine frameless and two touch visualizers transformed the stand of Russian Railways at the TEHNIKA 2014 international trade fair into an interactive exposition.

In the middle of May, the 58th TEHNIKA 2014 international engineering trade fair took place in Belgrade, Serbia.

This is the eldest and the most significant trade fair focused on technologies, engineering and materials not only in Serbia, but in the entire South-East Europe. Belgrade was visited by countless world manufacturers from most varied industries and fields, who presented their most recent technologies and products.

At this international trade fair event, AV MEDIA equipped the stand of Russian Railways. Thanks to nine frameless and two touch visualizers (Touch iiyama 55” and Touch 22”), the stand of Russian Railways was transformed to an interactive exposition. AV MEDIA provided for a complete installation of technologies at the stand that then became a favourite point for the visitors of the TEHNIKA trade fair.

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