Czech week of innovation 2020

On Tuesday 29th of September we started the Czech Week of Innovation 2020  (Týden inovací 2020) in Forum Karlín. A part of the event was a fair, where the producers prepared some interesting stations for the attendees of the Innovation week. The attendees also had the opportunity to visit great inspiring seminars.

The fact, that in Forum Karlín the exhibition Bylo, Nebylo is still going on made it harder for us to realize the event within the main hall. We had to carefully manipulate with the truss to not move the installed projectors for the exhibitions. All the technical equipment from the exhibitions stayed untouched and even though it made the installation of the equipment for the Week of Innovation complicated our technical team did a great job.

We provided sound, light and a 16x3,5 m LED wall for the Czech Week of Innovation. The whole event held NOCOVID rules, one of the rules was the regular disinfection of our high-tech surfaces and in our case, those were mainly the microphones which went around between moderators. A big thanks to our whole team for the good job!

Do you want a similar event?

Do you want a similar event?

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