Ivan Lendl’s Exhibition: Alfons Mucha

You can visit unique posters by Alfons Mucha at the Municipal House in Prague lent from Ivan Lendl’s personal collection from 10 April to 30 July.

This is the most complete collection of posters created by A, Muchy in the world (151 posters), exhibited for the first time in history. Ivan Lendl personally visited the Municipal House and revealed his Davis Cup trophy, which will be on display in Vienna till 5 May 2013.

AV MEDIA ensured the technology, providing the projection and sound (the signal originating form the DVD and directly to the projector and the sound system) to document the commencement of the exhibition, the progress of the installation and Ivan Lendl’s speech. AV MEDIA also ensured the technology during the vernissage of the exhibition.


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