Video Mapping in Strahov

Pilsner Urquell held a successful product launch in Strahov on 29 February. The action was carried out in the spirit of “3E”- an extraordinary product.

Video mapping can create unique multimedia shows

A unique sight could be seen in Prague’s Strahov on Wednesday evening. The wonderful bird Phoenix rose from the ashes once again on a tunnel ventilation tower of the Strahov Tunel thanks to video mapping. Visitors were able to see several cycles of death and rebirth of the fabulous Phoenix, a bird that according to the Greek mythology burns and rises up from the ashes at least once every 500 years.

Video mapping can create unique multimedia shows with an unforgettable “wow” effect. Presently, the popularity of such a solution continues to rise. Video mapping can help companies capitalize on placing new products on the market, during conference and congresses, but also at corporate parties; just anywhere it is needed to emphasize the content being communicated and underscores the atmosphere. The resulting effect is striking, unforgettable and unique.


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