Alternator Eco-technical Centre and its impact on gradual revitalisation of the Borovina city district (project financed from private resources).

The objective of the newly opened Alternator Eco-technical Centre is to allow visitors to familiarise themselves with ways of utilising various energy sources. The exhibition maps the path of mankind towards harnessing heat and electricity from ancient history to state-of-the-art technology. The new interactive exhibition has been created in the area of a former boiler house. The exhibition also includes the unique Science on a Sphere project installation, which is the second successful implementation in the Czech Republic and the seventh in Europe.

AV MEDIA has provided the complete technical background for the exhibition. The basis of the SOS solution is a workstation with four outputs and one monitoring output, involving a high-performance graphic adapter and sufficient storage. The content is projected to the surface using four LED projectors, with images calibrated in order to achieve the best perception. All other pieces of technology in the building are connected to a central management system featuring full remote control to maximise simplification of control and visitor comfort.

In addition to Science on Sphere, visitors can visit other new interactive exhibitions. The Energy and Our World exhibit will show them a low-energy house, clearly explaining topics of renewable and nonrenewable energy resources and their consumption. Within the Shoes and Socks exhibit visitors can enter a complete shoemaker’s shop, with the possibility to manufacture their own shoes. Full Steam Ahead explains the principles and use of steam engines. There is special content prepared within the exhibition, not only describing individual exhibits but also providing interesting facts for the given exhibition section. Visitors can not only learn the required information through texts, photos, videos and films, but can also test their knowledge by playing games.

Upon entering the exhibition, visitors are greeted with an introductory video on the history of the premises and the idea to reconstruct them to create the Alternator project. The House of Consumption then allows visitors to watch a documentary on energy consumption. The movies show what devices we have available to produce heat or how much energy an apartment or family house consumes, comparing purchase and operation costs depending on the energy source.

The exhibition features interactive graphic panels where visitors learn, for example, about the machines presented, view their photographs, find interesting pieces of information on steam turbines or how we can utilise solar energy. In addition, they can use the interactive panels to test their knowledge. They can build their own steam machine and/or try working in a pumped-storage power station. The interactive map of Třebíč presents the energy supply system for various parts of town to visitors.

Alternator Eco-Technical Centre in Trebic

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