Interactive Fishing exhibition at the National Museum of Agriculture

All visitors will find interactivity, animation, entertainment, education, games, quizzes and a place to rest at the exhibition Fisheries at the National Museum of Agriculture.

Modern technology, 3D animations and interactivity; all of these are increasingly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. The National Museum of Agriculture has responded to this modern trend by implementing a new interactive exhibition entitled ‘Fisheries’, where visitors will experience everything first-hand. In the spacious 600 m2 exhibition, children, adults, as well as the professional public can learn about one of the oldest livelihoods in an entertaining way, a livelihood which has a long tradition in the Czech Republic.

The Golden Age of Fish Farming

In the first part of the exhibition introduces visitors to the history of fish farming in the country. They can listen to an interview between Jakub Krčín and Wilhelm von Rosenberg, who in a tavern are talking about plans for building a pond or studying the life cycle of carp and learn where the carp actually "swam up" to us. There is also a timeline where they can easily find the information of the time period in which they are interested. An interesting component of the interactive exhibit is a model system of ponds, which shows how the Třeboň Golden Canal pond system works. Visitors can themselves simulate filling or draining the pond and oversee which drains fill a given pond.

Learn about Life under Water

Visitors can go under water and become familiar with life under the surface while keeping their feet dry, where they stand opposite each complemented by aquariums with live fish and aquariums with virtual fish. The atmosphere of the space is highlighted by projections of the water level, which takes the visitor directly over it

Time to Play

At the wharf, visitors can try out fishing clothes, sit on fishing chairs and watch the water. The water level is created by gobo projectors that allow a realistic rendition of a moving water surface and flowing water. For children in this part of the prepared area with slide and balloons, interactive games and quizzes, and they can compare the weight and height of selected fish. Everything is accompanied by the interactive scenery of the river.

Scientific Laboratory

In the science lab, visitors can try to determine the age of fish by their scales, which are placed under a microscope, which is connected to an integrated graphics panel that displays the scale with a detailed description. They can also test the virtual crayfish, which is the most advanced sensor for determining water purity.

The Třeboň Region, a Paradise of Ponds

Visitors are enthralled by the beautiful nooks of flora and fauna, accompanied by realistic sounds of animals and birds. Everything is accompanied by the atmosphere changing between day and night.

The exhibition devoted to fisheries and fish farming describes not only the history of fish farming in our country, but also fishing as a food phenomenon. In the exhibition, visitors can become acquainted with the anatomy of carp and its dismemberment or read the interesting recipes, not only for the Christmas table.

Fish Pond Harvesting

One of the prominent elements of the exhibition includes a movie about harvesting a fishpond, on the background of a diorama of a fishpond harvesting.

Exhibition creator: "M plus" Association s.r.o.
Integrator of audio-visual solutions and content creator: AV MEDIA, a.s.

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