Information Centre with multimedia exhibition of firefighting in Jirkov

In Jirkov you can learn about the history of the town in an interesting and interactive way and try out the job of a firefighter in a fun cooperative game

The main goal of the new multimedia exhibition project, which was created within the information centre, was to attract more tourists to the town and to create an interesting educational space not only for schools, but also for families with children, where they can educate themselves in a fun and interactive way.


The area is divided into three independent parts. The reception area is designed primarily for the needs of the information centre and is aimed to provide tourists and town residents with basic information about what is happening in the town and its surroundings in a comfortable and modern environment, which also serves as a relaxation zone. It is followed by the “Town", scenographically represented as a map, which the visitor enters. The goal is to show visitors the important historical milestones and events of Jirkov, to introduce the important personalities associated with it and to introduce visitors to the industry of the 19th century. The graphic areas are complemented by the backlit 3D models of the buildings and enlivened by large-scale projections. The map is divided into the town centre and a separate area dedicated to Červená Hrádek.


The exhibition is designed as an educational game zone supplemented with original 3D exhibits. Visitors will learn about the history and present of firefighting. The key element of the exhibition is an audiovisual solution for the educational team game “fire fighting”. The aim of this game is to introduce children and school classes to the demanding work of a firefighter, to teach them how to behave in case of a fire and to correctly determine the means used to extinguish different types of fires. For this purpose, the game is prepared in several modifications - car accident, house fire. The game is designed for both the children and the adults. During the game, they will not only have fun, but above all they will get acquainted with the background of the firefighters’ work and take away basic information on how to behave in case of fire or traffic accident.
A fun feature is the possibility of interactive dressing up of firefighter uniforms of different time periods, interactive magnifying glass for more detailed information about fire trucks and last but not least a summarizing final quiz. Items on display include a horse-drawn carriage, an oxygen isolation apparatus, a hose reel and the Praga RN truck.


Since July 10, when the centre in Tyršova Street was officially opened to the public, the visit rate has increased by 500 per cent compared to the original information centre in Kostelní Street, said Ondřej Jáchym, head of the information centre. Mr Jáchym also emphasized that when creating the elements, AV MEDIA also researched the psychology of children, for example, how long they would enjoy the interactive component of the centre. Based on this, the time limit for the game was also set, which is around 40 minutes.

Information Centre Jirkov

Ondřej Jáchym, Head of the Jirkov Information Centre

”For me personally, the new information centre has two layers. The first one is of course the one which is of tourist interest. A new approach to the subject-matter, whether it is an audiovisual projection in the town exhibition or an interactive firefighter game, which by principle attracts visitors. The second, and I would say more important, is the value embedded in the initial idea, the creation of the project and the content itself. Bringing to life the history, interesting personalities and landmarks of our city that can be presented to visitors in a brand new way. Since the first day of the opening of the information centre, individuals, families or larger groups of visitors such as suburban camps have been flowing to us. The great advantage of our information centre is the connection of several attractions that our town offers. Of course, some visitors come to us primarily for the original fireman’s game, but you can’t miss the lioness walking through the window at the entrance, referring to the Kludský family. If they are interested, they can watch a projection about the Kludskýs in the section of notable personalities, where they will also find, for example, Kryštof of Karlovice, closely connected with the town’s cellars and brewing. This will arouse the interest of most visitors to visit the town cellars and the town tower, where, among other things, there is an exhibition of Jirkov brewing. Thus, a visit to our information centre brings a comprehensive experience.“

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