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5D experience with the plum vodka aroma at the new interactive exhibition

Cílem autorů bylo vytvořit expozici, která odpovídá výrazovými prostředky, dynamikou a vyvážeností vjemů nárokům návštěvníků dvacátého prvního století. Dokáže vzdělávat, informovat, zaujmout i pobavit. RUDOLF JELÍNEK není pouze značka, je to především naše kulturní dědictví, velký příběh, který vyvolává emoce.

Nová interaktivní expozice vznikla v Praze v domě U Lužického semináře, který pochází z první třetiny 17. století. V letech 1966–2002 zde žila i slavná česká herečka Slávka Budínová. V srpnu roku 2002 přišly povodně.  V té době Slávka Budínová po delší nemoci zemřela a rozběhl se boj o její dědictví, který musel rozhodnout až Ústavní soud. Místo zůstalo opuštěné a chátralo. V roce 2011 koupila dům společnost RUDOLF JELÍNEK, a. s.

Muzeum Slivovice – 5D zážitek s vůní slivovice

Idea and scenographic concept of the exhibition

The authors have designed the exhibition that meets the demands of the 21th century´s visitors in terms of the means of expression, dynamics and balance of the experiences. It is educative, informative as well as entertaining.

Lovely, newly refurbished rooms of the U Lužického semináře house, pleasant view of the Prague castle and particularly the modern and interactive experience exhibition comparable to famous foreign visitor centres, such as the Jameson in Dublin or the Titanic in Belfast. Here, you can experience it all. From the initial emotion while learning about the story of the Jelinek family, through the calm atmosphere of the Wallachian landscape, to the adrenalin of becoming a plum in the virtual reality for few minutes. Of course, there is an educational and playful section presenting the spirit production process.

The exhibition consists of four sections. The first part is dedicated to the history of Vizovice distilleries in Wallachia and destinies of local distillery families. You will learn about Rudolf Jelinek and his wife Irena and about the history of their company. The central multi-projection that will guide you in time from 1585 till today is very emotional. Stories of distilleries are presented in context of the global and national historical events. Everyone will take a little trip down the memory lane. As soon as you walk out of the historical gate, you will be surrounded by Wallachian hills and meadows. The landscape, orchards and plum trees are the theme of the second section. The visitors find themselves inside the all-encompassing landscape. The atmosphere is supported by levelled terrain and combined projections.

In addition to the grand projection, we work with light effects, wind and sun effects, odours, heat and variable colour atmosphere. The “wind” intensity and colours of the light depend on the season. The main movie is based on emotions built on facts. It is designed as a short movie poem without spoken commentary and supported by music. It shows the landscape through the four seasons. Furthermore, the seasons are presented
in context with human activities, rituals, customs, traditions that have something to do with the fruit spirit.

The third door will take you to the virtual world. This section is called the Plum since visitors actually turn into a plum for six minutes. They get shaken on the tractor trailer, pass the distillation column and mature in an oak barrel. Then they experience what it is like in our distillery, but in a concentrated form. Fermentation, distillation, maturing, bottling. You will learn something about our kosher products and test your knowledge in a quiz. Finally, you can produce your own label.

We have been going around the place since 1999. We were aware that the location of the house was very attractive and strategic. But it was not until twelve years later that we were able to buy it. What followed was a wave of bureaucratic issues, disputes, filing multiple applications for a zoning decision, then the building permit... which we didn't get until the end of 2017. Two years later, we successfully received the completion certificate and opened its doors to the public.

The project was very demanding in terms of construction, organisation and administration. The newly built extension and its entire underground part is below the level of the Vltava River, which entails many technical difficulties. To make it even worse, there is also the bomb shelter of the government of the Czech Republic and a metro station underneath. For example, we had to deal with groundwater leaks during construction. The construction completion of the project was thus delayed by about five months. In the reconstructed house, we also tried, together with the conservationists, to preserve the original materials and respect its historical character. You can see how we managed to do this by visiting the house yourself.

In recent years, the popularity of non-traditional entertainment centres and interactive exhibitions, which we used to know only from abroad, has been growing. WHAT CAN WE LOOK FORWARD TO AT YOUR PLACE?
As the name of the museum suggests, the exhibition is dedicated to the story of slivovitz. It is simply part of our culture, our heritage. And not only from the historical, technological, ethnographic, but especially social point of view. The reason is that spirits are part of our social gatherings and historically they have played a significant role in our health, too.

The tour itself is divided into four parts. The first stop is dedicated to the history of distilling in Vizovice in Wallachia and the fate of local distilling families. Here you will meet Rudolf Jelínek and his wife Irena and learn what the company has been through over the years. The central multi-projection, which takes you through time from 1585 to the present day, is very emotional. The stories of the distilleries are set against the backdrop of world and national events! Everyone can remember here. As soon as the historic gate closes, you will be surrounded by Wallachian hills and meadows. The motif of the second stop is the landscape, orchards, sloes. The 12-metre projection will literally absorb you. You will feel the spring breeze and the warmth of summer days. The curious can read where and how many orchards our company has. The third door leads to a virtual world. We refer to this space as “The Plum” because the visitor actually becomes a plum for a period of six minutes. You will be shaken on a tractor, climb a distillation column or ripen in an oak barrel. I won’t reveal more not to deprive visitors of an experience that will certainly be exceptional as there is nothing like this in the Czech Republic. I am sure this stop will entertain visitors across all generations. The last part will make you feel like you are in a distillery, only in a concentrated form. Fermentation, distillation, maturation, bottling line. You will learn about our kosher products, you can test your knowledge in quizzes and at the end you can make your own label. We will print it in the shop and stick it on the bottle of your choice.

But the excursion doesn’t end there. It wouldn't be the same without the tasting. The tour also includes a tasting of three fruit brandies and three typical Wallachian snacks in the Jelínek bar. And we have thought of the youngsters, too - they can enjoy drinking our plum lemonade at the bar.

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