Talent Exhibition at iQLandia

The new interactive Talent exhibition springs from the fact that each of us is unique and has talent for something - it is just a question of discovering it.

The interactive Talent exhibition is divided into eight thematic nests, where visitors can confirm or even discover what they have a talent for through play. The exhibition is realized as a temporary one. In Liberec, visitors can visit it until the end of 2016.

V-PASS Visitor Management System

Using tickets with QR codes, which visitors can pick up at the entrance to the exhibition, they can log into the individual exhibits, performs tasks, quizzes, verify their skills and collect points. In the middle exposure is the “brain”, where each visitor can create their own profile to compete with other visitors for the honour of the best player who has the highest number of points accumulated. The visitors can perform the tasks in four languages.

Thematic Nests

Each nest allows you to perform several tasks. The tasks are prepared in three age categories, 8-12, 12-15 and 15 and over, and are divided separately for boys and girls. Aesthetic additions of perceptions ensure the graphics area exhibition, illustrating the theme of sensational graphics and short stories, quotes, or the fate of the famous, who despite their talent became more famous thanks to hard work, perseverance and determination. Each nest also carries a message that humans should be encourage to say that each of us can do something - the important thing is to want it and not give up and lose motivation. The involvement of visitors, among other things, allows connecting AV technologies with the content of the sections, 3D exhibits and activities of the visitors.


In this nest, visitors try out what kind of memory they have, vocabulary and synonyms and whether they know their orientation in time and history. Topics include: a Memory Test, Synonyms, Word Navigation and What Came First?


Nest B allows visitors to test whether they have a steady hand like surgeon do, and how their fine motor skills work. Topics include: Resistance Wire, Knots, Units, Labyrinth and Beads on a Stick.

NEST C – technical disposition
a thought and an idea is not everything – it is necessary to have the ability and will power to realize it

The theme of this nest is: Build a Tower, Centre of Gravity, Sphere of Navigation, Spatial Puzzle and Distance. Visitors examine estimation, the ability of spatial orientation and dexterity by building a tower of wooden blocks and try out the navigation and controls of a spherical robot.

NEST D - artistic leanings
art can arouse emotions and convey ideas

Nest D is thematically focused on verifying artistic inclinations. Visitors determine whether they have an ear for music that can express emotions and moods, which are used primarily in acting or if their forte is movement and dance. Topics include: The Art of Composition, Dance, Mozarteum, A Musical Ear and Facial Expression.

NEST E – physical fitness, strength
a talent for sport is never enough, it takes goals and commitment

Visitors go through the entrance test of F1 drivers, try out, test how high they can jump, how long they can hang on a rope and how they can coordinate body movements and balance on the balance board. Topics include: Grab Him, Balance Board, Jump and Suspension

NEST F - sense of justice, communication
the ability to distinguish between good and evil ...

Do you have a sense of justice? Take on the role of judge and decide on guilt and punishment. Can you realize the consequences of your actions? Look at comic images and assemble the story. Do you know how hard it is to work as a reporter? Try to comment on the video screen and then see how you did. Test how you behaved in certain situations. Topics: Events, Judge, Reporter, Micro-Fiction.


NEST G - passion for nature
Do you perceive nature only as the environment around you, or are you a part of it?

Love shopping? Try if shopping for you is a mere routine or if this is a situation full of conscious decisions that have an impact on your surroundings. Can you pick out sounds of the forest just by hearing them? Are you connected to nature? These topics will help you answer the question whether you have a positive attitude towards nature.

NEST H - scientific thinking
mathematics as a discipline is characterized by the highest level of abstraction and precision

What is your “math minimum”? Can you correctly complete a simple series of numbers? Do you agree with Descartes’s statement: “I think therefore I am”?

“M plus” s r.o. is the creator of this exhibition.  AV MEDIA is the integrator of AV solutions and content creation. 

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