The Czech Republic is training a defense against cyber attacks! KYPO is helping

The digital age not only simplifies and automates many operations, but it also creates a dangerous environment that enables individuals and organizations with not so good intentions.

The Internet has become an environment for disseminating and sharing information, but also battle-ground leading to a war without conventions. The Cybernetic Polygon (KYPO) and its laboratory arose from a project from Masaryk University, creating a unique virtual environment for research and developmental methods for protecting against attacks on critical infrastructure and the like, while being able to simulate complex attack scenarios and analyse their development. KYPO is used for applied research and opening new security methods, tools and trainings for members of security teams. Cybernetic Polygon will serve not only as a tool for addressing cyber security, but also for visualizing large amounts of data and conferences.

The unique Cybernetic Polygon is prepared for several work scenarios. The first of them is for standard lectures with a maximum capacity of 40 participants. A control system will manage the presentation during the lecture. The background data for the projection screen is powered by our Barco RLM W12 projector, which can be used for both traditional and stereoscopic projections.

The second work scenario is intended for simulating cybernetic attacks. Teaching takes place in the form of independent trams working individually, with a maximum of six independent work groups comprised of three or four specialists. Each work group can make use of a mobile station with a 42” LCD LED display with a Full HD or UHD/4K display. The LCD displays are used for sharing the visual materials of the groups or between groups and the lecturer. The desk for the lecturer is equipped with a Smart Podium 524 interactive touch screen, allowing them to share visual content carrying colour comments, text, graphs or other visual information.

Another work scenario involves visualizing a cybernetic attack or other demanding physical, medical or chemical simulations used for other research partners cooperating with KYPO. A video wall compiled from 15 NEC 46" Full HD LCD displays configured into 5 columns with three rows, with 6 mm spacing between them, can serve as a central display area for teaching by individual work groups.

The laboratory of the Cybernetic Polygon is connected to a control room equipped with the AMX universal management system which controls the main projection, the video wall, sets the parameters for the volume of the speakers, switches inputs and outputs from each work table or mobile or video-conferencing station.

The whole laboratory will be used for corporate events, presentations and professional corporate trainings located at the the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University. The Cybernetic Polygon has managed to create a multi-purpose space that not only finds applications in simulating possible cybernetic attacks, but also for other professional and educational activities.


  • 1× Projection screen custom built 500 cm/16:9
  • 1× Projector Barco RLM-W12, WUXGA, 12000 Lm, dual lamp
  • 1× Interactive SMART Podium with a 24" diagonal
  • 1× Video-conference CISCO SX 20
  • 4× Mobile station equipped with a MultiSync Full HD LCD 42" diagonal monitor
  • 2× Mobile station equipped with a Panasonic UHD LCD
  • 60" diagonal display
  • 15× NEC 46” diagonal display
  • 1× AMX touch panel
  • 1× AMX control panel


  • 1× Lecture hall
  • 1× Control room – directing

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