Unified remote collaboration

We have unified the basis for remote communication between government and public administration organizations, integrated emergency services and hospitals.

The Vysočina Region uses the DATAVIS solution provided by AV MEDIA. Thanks to this, officials from individual regions can see and hear each other with a superior quality and remotely share data. Such data are a necessary basis for discussions, meetings, training schemes, extraordinary encounters or emergency interventions. In this region, a unique test videoconference connection was established between the Vysočina Region and the hospitals run by it. This was intended to validate the options of a comprehensive extension of the DATAVIS solution in health care. All the regional hospitals, emergency medical services and the University Hospital in Brno were successfully connected simultaneously.

DATAVIS was created 10 year ago when the principles of remote management of emergency events were being defined for the integrated emergency system. Thanks to that experience, DATAVIS could be gradually implemented into all government and public administration bodies. The project of the Vysočina Region was a historical milestone for DATAVIS and a challenge for other regions on how sound, image and data can be shared in real time. This is in what DATAVIS differs from other videoconference systems.

“The individual organizations need to efficiently communicate in joint projects. Remote communication by means of videoconferences promises reduction of travel costs and time savings,” was a comment by Jiří Běhounek, the Regional Hetman. The DATAVIS datavideoconference collaboration became an inseparable part of everyday activities in public and government sectors not only within the Vysočina Region.

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