Modern open authority

A modern approach, openness to citizens, professionally acting employees. These are the main criteria for an easily accessible public authority for citizens.

The Office of the Municipal District of Prague 6 is an excellent example of how a modern administrative facility for around 350 people can be built in a short time. The main objective consisted in creating such an environment for the citizens, which would offer the highest possible level of services. At the same time, it was important to provide for a direct and efficient availability of information that can be arranged by using an electronic official board.

Meeting rooms and offices of supervising officials in individual departments have been equipped with interactive plasma monitors or SMART boards intended for meetings, discussions or training sessions. The intention is to encourage the employees to teamwork and a direct involvement in key tasks and to provide them with a proper feedback. The interactive tools supplied by AV MEDIA fully met the original expectations.

“Our office makes also use of other methods of modern communication, such as videoconferences. Videoconferences are based on two locations within the building. The first one is the main meeting room, the second one the central room at the Department of Transport and Natural Environment, equipped with display panels intended for monitoring by the Municipal Police based on a camera system,” informs Vít Eliáš, the Head of IT Department. The authority efficiently uses various communication AV technologies including electronic official board.

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