Up to date traffic information

Traffic accidents cannot be foreseen. When they occur, an early warning may have a value of saved human lives.

In the newly erected building of the Highway Administration and Maintenance Centre in Ostrava, a unique centre intended for receiving, processing and subsequent distribution of traffic information throughout the entire Czech Republic was opened two years ago. Since then, the National Traffic Information and Control Centre (NDIC) has been uninterruptedly operating 7 days / 24 hours as part of the Unified Traffic Information System for the Czech Republic.

The traffic information content provided is further enhanced by a gradual deployment of intelligent traffic systems, which, by means of information technologies, monitor and evaluate traffic situations and automatically forward these data for publication through NDIC. In January 2010 alone, the centre processed over 19,000 individual messages on facts or events that completely or partly endangered or restricted traffic security and flow at a defined road location or section within the entire Czech Republic.

All up to date traffic data on the capacity of roads are centralized in the National Traffic Information centre. After their verification and authentication, drivers are informed about the situation at www.dopravniinfo.cz, by means of radio and television broadcasting, the RDS-TMC services or directly on information boards. Warnings on potential complications also accompany any restriction caused by maintenance or repair. Drivers then approach the particular road section with an increased attention and have enough time to adapt to the circumstances and avoid possible collisions.

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