Efficient collaboration in case of floods

Communication by image from the location of emergency event has a key importance for notification and forecasting services.

In the event of flood, communication is extremely important as it facilitates all rescue activities. The DATAVIS solution provides for visual and voice communication with colleagues, partners, specialists from the Integrated Emergency Systems, authorities or other government and public institutions. Datavideoconference collaboration is becoming a standard element of everyday activities by all the government and public authorities. For the Integrated Emergency System, this is the best alternative to classic ways of communication.

Using a datavideoconference connection, any issue can be discussed operatively and with visual support. This includes discussions over data materials (e.g. maps) intended for the description of the overall extraordinary emergency or similar event. Travel times can be significantly reduced, as well as costs of repairs, and up to date information can be transmitted from the points of interest.

“During spring floods in 2010, the Moravian-Silesian Region succeeded in establishing a highly efficient collaboration between the Unified Traffic Information System, the police, the road administrators and flood management authorities. Datavideoconferences enabled us to quickly update the emergency event data. We could successfully provide a unified and confirmed distribution of data for the Flood Committee,” underlines Jaroslav Zvára, the Unified Traffic Information System project coordinator. The DATAVIS solution thus facilitated the activities by all emergency specialists.

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