The Police Presidium’s new operations centre

The operations centre of the Police Presidium has undergone great changes this year: extensive reconstruction, including moving and modernising the IT and AV technology.

The newly opened premises in the Police Presidium building in Holešovice are for operational commissioned officers based in Olšanské Street.

Given that the Police of the Czech Republic participated in the area-wide project, which has led to integrating and unifying all operations centres, through greater or lesser reconstructions for almost all the Regional operations centres. The reconstruction of the operations centre of the Police Presidium was the final major change, with the aim of the overall modernisation of IT and AV technology,” said Colonel František Habada, the head of the Operations Centre of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic.

Operations centre
In order for the work of the operations officers to be most effective, they need to have current visual information available at all times, with movements of patrols on the ground which can be remotely controlled during an emergency. Therefore, there is a large imaging display wall made of seamless NEC LED panels. 

The display wall shares eight independent image sources taken from fixed or mobile traffic camera systems at intersections, highways or directly from a rescue helicopter, the current TV news on ČT 24 or GIS map sources. . Picture data can be individually controlled as needed on the CUE touch panel, which includes customdesigned imaging management.

“We concentrate on information concerning the security situation in the Czech Republic and provide all of the information flows of the police and Ministry of the Interior. An integral part of this cooperation is with representative offices, permanent services of ministries, the customs administration, the prison service, the Director-General of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, the Military of the Czech Republic and other institutions," explained Colonel František Habada, the head of the Operations Centre of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic.

The Large Crises Room
VThe large crises room is designed for meetings of the crises and management staff, whose orders are transmitted live to regional headquarters, as well as other members of the integrated rescue system. 

A large NEC studio display and an interactive display is in the room, with up to 8 different input signals from the operations centre. The SMART interactive display is used for the active involvement of all operational officers, for example when presenting in Word, Excel, Power Point, when viewing pages from Internet Explorer, PDF documents or specialised GIS mapping sources. Supporting documents can be presented to complement visual information in the form of minutes, diagrams, or simple hand-drawn tactics.

All team members have an excellent view of the information displayed thanks to the circular layout of the room. Two rotary video-conferencing CISCO SX80 cameras and Televic audio-conferencing units are used for remote communication. Verbal discussion begins after logging in on a Televic Confidea L unit and scanning one of the two rotating videoconferencing cameras, monitoring even remote participants via video-conferencing on wide-screen displays.

The CUE control system with a 12“ touch display serves to simply and intuitively control all of the AV technology, on which you can press preset preferences for work scenarios, for example morning documentation, presentations from a PC or video conferencing. The levels of the lighting, airconditioning temperature or presentations and other individual requirements during the meeting can be set manually on the panel.

Two 7“ touch CUE panels are placed outside the large and small crises rooms for booking the rooms using MS Exchange. It is possible to view the timetables for individual reservations on the panels, or complete or extend the current reservation. 

Small Crises Room 

The small crises room has the same large NEC studio display and interactive display as the large cries room has. At the head of the table is a podium used for interactive presentations by the chairperson. Four different input signals can be displayed, while simultaneously mirroring ongoing scenarios on the other side. There are Televic audio conferencing units in the middle of the table. With the press of a button officers can log in and speak while simultaneously displaying the rotating CISCO SX80 video-conferencing camera. There is a touch panel for managing 3 ongoing scenarios in the small crises room, as in the larger one.

“The main aim of this modernisation of AV technology is to balance the national information system of the Integrated rescue system and achieve greater efficiency of operational management. New AV technology helps the police serve in everyday situations, as well as on emergency crisis events. Rescue workers, firemen and other components of the integrated system in the Czech Republic have similar AV technology. Thanks to this unification our cooperation, it is significantly faster more efficient,” concluded Colonel František Habada.

List of technology Audio-Visual technology

  • 4× Interactive 8055i 55“ diagonal SMART display
  • 1× Interactive SMART Podium 524 with a diagonal 24" display
  • 8× NEC 55“ diagonal LCD panels
  • 6× NEC V552 with a 55" diagonal display
  • 8× NEC LED 23” diagonal studio monitor
  • 2× CISCO SX 80 video-conferencing
  • 1× video-conferencing recording and streaming server
  • 26× Televic Confidea L
  • 3× control system with a CUE 12“ diagonal touch panel
  • 2× CUE touch panels with a diagonal 7" reservation for small and large crises rooms
  • 1× Lightware modular matrix switcher FR-MX33
  • 30× Lightware HDBaseT TPS series extenders


  • 1× Operational centre and organisation
  • 1× Large crises room
  • 1× Small crises room

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