Virtual Museum 2

Virtual tours of exhibitions and digitization

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have had to reschedule the inspirational meetings we had planned for this year. So, in collaboration with the Association of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic, z.s., we prepared the ‘Virtual Museum’ conference, which could be attended from the safety and comfort of home. With the conference, we launched a programme of seminars on virtual tours of exhibitions and digitisation, lighting design and architecture, foreign inspirations, innovations in audiovisual interpretation and an operating system for exhibition management.

In April, a seminar on virtual tours of exhibitions and digitization was held. The first guest in the studio was Honza Buriánek, who invited other guests to the studio during his presentation on virtual tours of expositions. The first guest was audiovisual artist and sculptor Daniel Pešta, who is the author of the exhibition DeTermination at DOX. Another guest was 3D specialist Tomáš Svoboda, who collaborated on the exhibition at DOX and scanned the Dačický House in Kutná Hora. This achievement was commented by Mrs. Eva Novotná, from the Dačický House: 'I was really pleasantly surprised by the result, I didn't expect it.' In the next part of the meeting we continued in the professional link between museum exhibitions and schools. This time we invited Mark Larisch to the studio to introduce Class VR.  Thanks to the coronavirus and an empty Prague, it was possible to scan Charles Bridge. Mr. Forejt presented not only this project, but also other possibilities of capturing the monuments. The last presentation was on Haptic 3D exhibits in museums. Mikoláš Zuza brought some very impressive models from the 3D printer for demonstration.

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