Almost One Million People Visited the Olympic Parks

The Olympic parks in the Czech cities Pardubice, Pilsen, Ostrava and Lipno were visited by almost one million people who could try many different sports and activities.

Olympic Park Rio-Lipno

Almost 350 thousand visitors went through the gates of the largest Lipno Park, which AV MEDIA provided the technology for. “The number of visitors is clearly a success. I am even more delighted by the fact that people went to the parks especially for sport. I saw how excited they were when trying different sports, especially the children,” said the Chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee, Jiří Kejval, in a press release.

With the end of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the three-week sports and entertainment project for the whole family at the Olympic Park Rio-Lipno has also came to a close, where the technologically was provided by AV MEDIA, an official supplier of the Czech Olympic team. On the banks of Lake Lipno there was a fantastic atmosphere. The entire event lasted 17 days, and visitors could try 47 Olympic and non-Olympic sports. “It was a great promotion of Olympic ideals. There was huge interest expressed in all sports, from the large and traditional, such as football, athletics and basketball, to the smaller ones, such as boxing, judo or fencing,” said Marek Tesař, Marketing Director of the Czech Olympic Committee.

AV Technology at Lipno

The organizers prepared a rich sports and music programme covering an unbelievable area of 63,000 square meters throughout the park, where they deployed more than 60 m2 of LED screens and other displays. These allowed visitors to the park to watch performances not only of Czech athletes, but also to cheer together and enjoy their successes. The atmosphere of the entire park was enhanced by a few hundred meters of LED strips and 200 lights and many other technologies. Thanks to the technological connection with the Czech Television broadcast of their studio, the visitors were literally part of the Olympic events in all parts of the park.

We also took care of the technical arrangements and preparations for the T-Mobile FanZone where people cheered in television broadcasts projected on a 12mLED wall, which was attached to the scaffolding to provide better wind resistance. The spectators also had the opportunity to play beach football on one of the largest sand arenas in the country, where we installed the complete sound system.

The planning and preparation phase of the park was very difficult and lasted more than a year. “The installation itself took fifteen technicians a week. Preparing the event was challenging, but thanks to the professional team that has a lot experience with Olympic Parks, everything went smoothly,” said Jan Kubinec, Director of the Business Team at the leasing segment at AV MEDIA. 

Connecting to Social Networks

Visitors to the Rio-Park at Lipno enjoyed a unique way of handling and viewing social networks on the LED screen on the main stage, where they could share photos and comments on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts that appeared on the projection when marking certain hashtags. The audience had the opportunity to support athletes or show off photos of their sporting performance. 

 Olympic and Sports Legends Visited Lipno

 esides the  thirty Olympians headed by the Olympic champion Lukáš Krpálek and bronze medallists Jiří Prskavec and Ondřej Synek  who arrived at the Lipno Park from Rio de Janeiro, a number of sport and non-sport personalities also visited, including Štěpánka Hilgertová, Kateřina Neumannová, Eva Samková or Roman Šebrle and world record holder in the 800 meters Jarmila Kratochvílová.

Some sport venues at Lipno have remained even after the conclusion of the Olympic Park. The athletics track and field in Frymburk got resurfaced, a pump track at Kramolin was opened and the Beach Arena in Lipno nad Vltavou will remain as will the pier for yachters in Černá v Pošumaví. Local communities also received outdoor table tennis tables, basketball hoops, chess tables, safe soccer goals and other sports equipment from the Czech Olympic Committee and the Czech Sports Union.  

The Czech House in Rio de Janeiro

AV MEDIA was not only working at Lipno during the Olympics. “We didn’t forget about our activities directly in Rio de Janeiro. Our implementation team had already set out to Rio at the end of July, where they technically equipped the Czech Olympic House locally known as the Casa Tcheco, which continued the successful projects from past years,” noted Jan Kubinec. The Czech House in Rio de Janeiro charmed not only Czech fans and visitors to the Olympic Games, but mainly the local Brazilians. It was the place for cheering during television broadcasts, competitions, and the main meeting place and place to celebrate the successes with our athletes. Huge interest was in the draft Pilsner beer, Zátopek’s legs and an exhibition from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, who represented the best of Czech industry, for example scooters on which visitors could ride.

AV MEDIA completely provided the technology for the Czech House. The first challenge was getting the right equipment to Brazil - the first part was sent by ship and the second part went by air, which is a more expensive option, but much more time efficient. On site, we took care of not only the entire lighting and sound system, but we also provided the projections, where viewers could watch the athletes on a large screen made up of nine seamless plasma displays, and 15 other smaller displays spread throughout all three areas of the Czech House. Using fibre optic cables, we created a two-way signal connection with Czech TV at a distance of 300m. At the Czech House we then built a four-channel circuit television, where we broadcasted sports events with Czech commentary on CT 2 and CT Sport or in Portuguese on Brazilian channels according to the interests of the viewers. We also thought of the partners, for which an advertising channel was reserved. A new service of AV MEDIA was to build the complete IT infrastructure in the Czech House, including the provision of lines for live broadcasting of Czech Radio from their studios.

Olympic Park in Pardubice

The Yventech Company, a member of the AV MEDIA Group, became the supplier of audio-visual equipment and production at the Olympic Park in Pardubice, which was the most popular ever with approximately four hundred thousand visitors attending. Viewers could enjoy the Olympic atmosphere there thanks to the LED wall and the mobile LED vehicle, on which live broadcasts were shown. Yventech also took care of the complete sound and lighting for the park and ensured the main stage as well as handling and processing of the broadcasts. For those who were not able to visit the park, a Youtube channel and webcast were prepared, which broadcasted ongoing events at the park

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