Conferences and Social Events during the Hockey World Championships 2015

A whole range of conferences and social events took place at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague during the fight for the 79th World Championships‘ title, and we were there provide technical support.

While the battle for the hockey cup and medals was raging at the O2 Arena in Prague, a whole range of interesting social events, meetings and conferences were taking place at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, where among other events, they drew ballots for the cities that would host the hockey championship in years to come. In addition to the conference, the hotel offered space equipped with technology from AV MEDIA to each team, allowing them to analyse the matches and to have fun.

During the celebratory ceremony just prior to the climax of the world Championship, the former goaltender Dominik Hašek and forward Robert Reichel were accepted into the World Hockey Federation’s Hall of Fame. At the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, the Nagano Olympic victors expanded the number of Czech representatives to the selected company to 24. Prior to this, the last to be awarded was the prolific goal scorer Milan Nový in 2012.

We placed a large printed backdrop in the main hall with two projections and ensured the sound system and ambient lighting.


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