Tour 4 Change – Black Horses

At the beginning of June, handicapped and healthy cyclists set out for their joint four-day tour from Prague to Zlín.

On their journey, 12 stops had been scheduled in different towns, where they were demonstrating that not only a fair living, but also sports and fun are possible with a physical handicap. AV MEDIA became a partner of the first Tour 4 Change. However, our working together with the Black Horses (Černí koně) nonprofit organization has been taking place for a longer period.

Technologies helping people in need

At AV MEDIA, we apply a proactive approach to corporate responsibility and willingly support beneficial efforts. Our support is based on joint responsibilities, and we believe that technologies can help not only the people in need, but also newly starting projects.

Without question, the Tour 4 Change project is one of those that are widely needed. Its organizer, the Black Horses NPO established in 2008, has already become a key player in paracycling. This success of Black Horses has been backed by hard work, perseverance, courage and vision based on values such as integration, understanding and willingness to help.

About Tour 4 Change

TOUR 4 CHANGE is an event reaching beyond the borders of our country. During the four days, 2 teams of handicapped, healthy and VIP people have traversed the Czech and Slovak Republics on their bikes in order to declare the strength and courage, will and perseverance of those determined to fight their misfortune, as well as of those prepared to support them. On their way, a third team from Poland joined the tour, and all of them together arrived to the Zlín International Film Festival. 

In the 12 towns, in which the whole pack made its stops, a rich accompanying programme had been scheduled. Children and youth had a unique opportunity to “feel and touch” handicapped bikers. Children could also see from close how a handbike or a tricycle work. And, having the example of all those participating in the tour, they were able to understand, why there is always enough time to get up.

TOUR 4 CHANGE is a path towards changing the world. What we want to change? Above all, our perception of others. We want to learn to disregard differences, but rather see what we have in common. In everybody, we look for a piece of ourselves. We wish that people in the streets do not regard their handicapped fellows as a peculiarity and that the handicapped know how to accept support when offered. We want to build the relationships between people on respect, not on compassion. We want to live in a society of socially mature people.

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