The racing season culminated in Velká Pardubická

We felt at home at the racetrack this year. We took care of the qualifications and the Velká Pardubická race itself.

In May, we started the racing season with the first qualifications for the 131st Velká Pardubická race. After that, three more qualifications took place.

Our company participated in Velká Pardubická for the fifth time. Instead of mounting a horse, our technicians jumped into vans and arrived at the racetrack before the second Sunday in October. Compared to last year, the audience returned to the stands this time and it was noticeable. The tension was palpable and the audience held their breath with every jump, especially at the modified Taxis, where two competitors were eliminated.

Our LED display was placed on the racetrack, and not only on the finish line, where we were literally in the centre of the action! Thanks to the displays, the referees could see exactly every blow of the whip, but they could also check whether someone was cutting the lane, for example. Every year, our BDF container or LED cart can also be seen opposite the grandstand, at the entrance.

However, we did not only deal with heavy technology, we also took care of the transmission of the races themselves. We used all the LED displays so that TV viewers could see the same content as on-site visitors. The last important element was a replay system for referees and commentators. Sometimes the finish is literally nostril to nostril, so a detailed replay is crucial for the referee. 

We enjoyed the event immensely for the fifth time and we hope to meet the competitors and spectators again next year.

You can also go back to last year and see what Velká Pardubická looked like without spectators:


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