League of Legends e-sports tournament

On Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19, the historically largest Czech tournament in the League of Legends video game – Prague Champs – took place at O2 Universum.

Professional and amateur teams, TOP players from the French league or a special programme for fans. All this in a great atmosphere under the roof of Prague’s O2 Universum. The Prague Champs event brought together the biggest enthusiasts of electronic sports, specifically the lovers of the popular game League of Legends.  

And this show was perfect! 

The main focus was on the matches of professional and amateur teams throughout the weekend, but visitors could also enjoy a rich accompanying programme: meetings with influencers (for example Xnapy), cosplay, competitions, game zones or attractive stands of partners.  

And who ended up winning the tournament? The Entropiq team, which then fought a duel with the former leaders of the French league, the Gamers Origin team, as a reward.  

LED screen as big as the entire stage

The Prague Champs tournament was not only exceptional in its scope, but also in its technical execution, which was largely taken care of by the AV MEDIA EVENTS team.  The event took place on a huge stage, for which we supplied a moving LED screen. So big that it equalled the size of the entire stage.  In addition, we provided a camera chain, a camera crane, lights and also sound system for Prague Champs. Our colleagues also took care of editing and inputs to the LED screen. 

Because it was one of the most amazing events in the history of Czech e-sport, we are very happy that we could be a part of it. See you next time! 

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