The most challenging race globally, where the competitors traversed over 7000 km through an arid desert. Czech team, three winning stages, and 4th place.

This is a quick way to summarize the topic of the Dakar Obsessed Prologue. But this journey full of incredible experiences deserved a little more than that.  Together with us, Martin Macík Jr. and his team, including trucks Franta and Karel, crammed into the MM's garage in Sedlčany on Valentine's Day and listened intently with all the fans.

Obsessed with Dakar

This year Martin Macík Jr. was already preparing the third year of talks titled Obsessed with Dakar. This year is especially rich in storytelling, as the Big Shock Racing team finished fourth overall and won three stages, which only three Czechs have managed so far. However, the talks had to be postponed until the summer months, so Martin Macík decided not to keep his fans waiting long and to broadcast a teaser of these upcoming events. That's how the idea for the Prolog Dakar Obsession came about.

What could you fit in one garage?

We have broadcasted from many places, but broadcasting from a garage was a premiere for us.

With two trucks, one SUV, and two chassis under construction, we just about fit in the garage in Sedlčany. Fortunately enough, we have a lot of experience with small spaces for the control room. Thus our AV MEDIA EVENTS team loaded up the cases and set off for Valentine's Day. There was just room for speakers and cameras in the garage. We hid the control consoles in a small room next door. We lit the stage well and prepared a large screen for the presentation of recorded videos and photographs. We tuned up individual shots, microphones, and in-ear monitors to the correct frequencies.

3,2,1… Action!

After all the content rehearsals, we started the countdown. The action could begin. Martin Macík presented the whole show straight from the outside, where it was -5 degrees Celsius at that time. Then we followed the rest of the team inside, where the temperature was not so different. However, the cars and the entire garage gave the stage a unique authenticity. Which cannot be replaced even when live in the cinema, as the fans on the networks confirmed later. During the event, the team guided us through the race experiences, thanks to the recordings from the cabin. They were able to illustrate it with their feelings and experiences perfectly. Two special guests also appeared on the scene. Fans could win prizes during the stream, including the navigator's coverall.

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