Even this year we provided audio-visual equipment for the traditional rowing race on the Vltava river.

For many years we have been the proud technical partner to the legendary rowing race on the Vltava river and this year we had the honor to represent this race under the name AV MEDIA EVENTS. The 107th Primátorky race was tense till the last minute. We all had to wait till the last few days before the event, to confirm the race will be held or if the race would be canceled due to the new restrictions in the Czech Republic. Fortunately, the rowing race took place and thanks to the high hygienic and safety rules the visitors could enjoy the amazing atmosphere on the Prague embankment of the Vltava.  

Tradition, sunshine, and a great accompanying program attracted many visitors to Rašínova and Hořejší embankment, which created a great atmosphere for the race. This was the first year we secured the complete technical side of the Primátorky race. We provided sound, LED-displays, broadcast, live video, lights and we build a stage. We made it work, and our client was excited about what we could do.

We started preparations on Thursday afternoon, where we drove our BDF LED container and our truck full of equipment to Rašínovo embankment. We build a stage for the national Czech TV station from which they broadcasted the race. We placed two LED screens in the VIP tent and on the opposite side of the Vltava river we provided sound and video wirelessly from our base. Our BDF LED container was placed right next to the pontoon where the goal of the race was. On the container, we showed the program of the race, advertising, information about the accompanying program, results of individual races, and live broadcasts from the rowing race. On the promulgation pontoon, we had our LED banner and we lighten op the sports car from the brand LEXUS, which was one of the main partners of PrimátorkyWe also lighten the pontoon and we provided sound on the embarkment with our NEXO speakers.

It was a very successful event, that brought a very nice atmosphere. Our technical team enjoyed the weekend a lot and we are already looking forward to the 108th year of the AXA Primátorky race.

Do you want a similar event?

Do you want a similar event?

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