Golden Wheel

The award ceremony of the oldest Czech motoring poll in the modern cubist premises of Cubex Centre Prague.

The awards ceremony of the 43rd Golden Wheel poll was held at the beginning of February in Cubex Centre Prague. AV MEDIA EVENTS is the venue’s main technological partner, so we provided blended projection, sound and complete lighting that lit up the entire space and the show cars that dominated the entire event.

Martin Prokop became the winner of the Golden Wheel trophy, closely followed by last year’s winner Jan Kopecký, and Tomáš Enge was inducted into the Czech Motorsport Hall of Fame. Not only the Golden Wheel trophies were awarded during the evening, but also the Golden Handlebar and the Golden Eye for the best motoring photo. (see photo below)

The event was interesting not only from the point of view of the award ceremony as such, but there were beautiful and expensive cars, rare vintage cars and a formula racing car on display, too. The cars were brought in the day before, after the AV technology was installed, using a freight elevator, which Cubex also can also offer. The organizers themselves managed the arrival and departure of all cars without any problems.

More information on the Golden Wheel poll HERE.

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