Party Concluding the Rebranding of Severní energetická

To conclude the official renaming of Litvínovská uhelná a.s. to Severní energetická a.s., a party was organised for VIP clients.

The IDMZ agency recommended an atypical space for the celebration – an industrial building called MeetFactory in Smíchov in Prague. AV MEDIA provided the technical assurance for the entire event, including some unique AV elements.

Transforming an Atypical Space of an Industrial Building

AV MEDIA proposed creative concept for the whole party and brought about an unforgettable atmosphere using AV technologies. This involved providing a sound system and lighting for the whole space, adding projectors and screens, on some of which abstract content was projected. Using video mapping technology, the new logo of Severní energetická a.s was displayed on the wall. All visitors were enthusiastic about the interactive bar, which connected all objects placed on the bar using special technology. During the evening there was also a performance of the Portuguese dance group Let Tron Dance.


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