Memory of Nations Award 2014

The 5th annual Memory of Nations Award took place at the National Theatre in Prague, honouring individuals who had the courage to take a stand against the Communist

AV MEDIA again became a partner of this exceptional event, providing screen projection in the National Theatre, which helped create the atmosphere of the evening.

In connection with the 25th anniversary since the fall of Communism in Central Europe, this year’s laureates had a common life experience under Communist totalitarianism and played an active role in opposing it. The moderator for the evening was Marek Eben and was live broadcasted to Czech TV, Slovak Television, Telewizja Polska, Hungarian TV station ATV and the German TV station Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk. The director of the evening was Břetislav Rychlík.

“The Memory of Nations Award is not an Olympics of courage, an award no doubt all of the nominees deserve and not just the 5 laureates. Our goal is to inspire in particular today's society and the young generation to take courage. According to the nearly eight hundred recognized, nominated by the public at, we hoped we have managed it,“ said Mikuláš Kroupa, Director of the Post Bellum organisation.

A part of the gala evening was a Concert for Heroes, where leading artists performed from the countries of the honoured guests. 

More about the Memory of Nations Award can be found here.



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