We lit up Karlovy Vary

See how we technically supported several components of the accompanying programme of the most prestigious film festival in Central and Eastern Europe – the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

This time we set out for the biggest film festival in the Czech Republic, to Karlovy Vary. See how we technically supported several components of the accompanying programme of the most prestigious film festival in Central and Eastern Europe – the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Our technical team went to Karlovy Vary to install the Moët Champagne Lounge. The production company Smart Production creatively designed a fresh and modern solution for the lounge in the Franz Joseph café. It was an honour for us to participate technically in project implementation and create a great atmosphere for festival visitors. We supplied a 3.5 x 2.5 LED screen that served as the backdrop for the outdoor bar. At the entrance of the café there was a corner LED screen playing fragments from the iMucha exhibition. We installed decorative lighting in the café and provided a sound system for the entire lounge. We would like to thank the Smart Production company for trusting and choosing AV MEDIA EVENTS as the technical supplier for this event.

Early on Monday morning we went to Karlovy Vary again, with a full truckload of audiovisual equipment for the event of our client Studio Barrandov, who celebrated the 90th anniversary of Barrandov Studio in Karlovy Vary. We installed technical director’s station in the common areas of the Goethes Beer House restaurant, where the distribution company BIOSCOP presented Czech films for the 2021/2022 season. For this event, we provided sound, lighting and an LED display, which played teasers and short previews of the presented films. Libor Bouček presented the entire show and invited filmmakers and actors and actresses of the following films to the stage: Wishes to Santa, The Head of the Tribe, Lavi, Bethlehem Light and The Old Blunderbuss Mystery 2. Jiří Bartoška also took part in the event as one of the cast of the film Adored. We streamed the entire show to our LED cart, which we installed outside for the film festival visitors. We built a smaller stage outside where a concert by the Otto Hejnic Trio took place; we also provided the sound equipment for that. After their jazz performance, we cleared the stage and technically supported the music and dance performance American. It was a day full of great memories for our oneAVteam from the early hours of the morning when they arrived and set up the event until the night when we finished packing the equipment and left the site. It was raining all day, but our team did a great job.

We also provided technical assistance to our client, the Bigg Boss label, which organized the third annual pop-up club called KAISER 55 during the film festival. From Tuesday to Saturday morning, several performances by well-known Czech performers such as Monkey Business, Rytmus and JAR took place in the area of the former Post Office. We took care of the projection and complemented the site with an LED display.

The technical team did not rest even on the last day of our participation in the festival. Our people had to pull all the equipment (almost 20 tons) up to the roof of the Thermal Hotel. Our client held a private party for VIP clients there and AV MEDIA EVENTS provided the technical support for the entire event. We built a covered stage for the performers, for which we arranged lighting and sound technology – interestingly, it was the first time in the history of the hotel that such a large structure was built on the roof. We enjoyed the performances of the singer Debbi and of Jiří Korn, followed by a spectacular fireworks display with musical accompaniment, which the festival visitors also enjoyed. Thanks to the effect lights with which we illuminated the entire roof, including the catering tents, a pleasant atmosphere was created for the entire event… The event was a success, the weather was kind to us, all the technology worked flawlessly and the client was very satisfied.

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